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Dr. David Kaplowitz
President / Head Coach


Dr. David Kaplowitz is the President and Head Coach of Rock Spring Coaching, a firm that works with companies and executives for leadership development and maximizing performance. 

David formerly built and ran a successful Chiropractic practice from the late ’70s through the early 2000s, which through innovative advertising and marketing strategies, he promoted his business to an astonishing pace of 100+ patients a day. When HMO and PPO programs arrived on the scene in the ’90s, David’s practice took a big hit. After reevaluating the healthcare landscape, he switched gears, beginning to build a large distribution channel for a vitamin supplement company in which he was able to replace his Chiropractic income within just 18 months.

Years later, David realized that – at his core – he loves helping people, which coupled with his healthcare, business, and life experiences, led him to a career in coaching. Today, David works with successful companies and individuals alike, helping them develop the skills, habits and behaviors that lead to increased influence and maximized performance.

David is also an accomplished public speaker, having lectured internationally during his years in the field of Chiropractic, as well as hosting his own radio show, and appearing on several different speaker circuits.

Those who have worked with David describe his energy as boundless and contagious. His passion for health, wellness, and business teaches others around him to stay focused so they can reach their goals. Through practicing what he preaches, David is truly a motivator and leader by example. He works out five days a week, which provides him the energy to coach, enjoy family activities and compete with his friends & clients on the golf course.

David his dual certification as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through iPEC, and also holds the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.


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