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The recommended gateway for working together, as it forms the initial launch point for the Energy Leadership Development System™, helping give you a baseline for your current performance and situation.


Individual Coaching

The premier program for clients who want to transform, as it allows for the right amount of attention to accelerate the change process. This program includes tailored one-on-one sessions between coach and client, and focuses on leaders’ real-life circumstances to teach the Energy Leadership™ system.


Group Coaching

A great alternative for clients on a budget who still seek powerful transformational results. Group coaching sessions take place via online web conferencing platforms (e.g. WebEx, GoToMeeting), have no limit on participants, and follow the lessons outlined in the Energy Leadership™ system.


Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching for the seasoned leader who seeks to improve how they relate to their team members and customers. Workplace dynamics are changing at a more torrid pace than ever before, and having the tools to respond to the business’ ever-evolving needs requires constant work.



Aimed at helping companies and teams transform how they communicate, and ultimately drive greater efficiency and higher profitability. Workshops are capped at 25 people to ensure the right level of attention between the coach and participants.


Speaking Opportunities

As a coach, being a motivator is important. Dr. Kaplowitz moves people to action by teaching his audiences that everything they do requires a process, and by learning to master it, they’ll realize greater confidence, ultimately leading to more successful and predictable outcomes. Engage with Dr. Kaplowitz to develop an engaging and entertaining motivational speech for your next team outing, company retreat, or annual conference.


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