Coaching for the Executive


Are you a leader? Then working with a coach may be for you.

According to this article by Gretchen Gavett on executive coachingalthough two-thirds of CEOs don't receive any external coaching for improving certain leadership skills, the majority of every CEO would be very open to implementing their learnings from working with one.

Given that it's lonely at the top, and since CEOs are often dealing with conflict resolution, it's a tremendous benefit for these leaders to have an external and unbiased resource with whom they can be candid with and confide in as they deal with those challenges.

When addressing why only two-thirds of CEOs in corporations seek support from a coach, it is clear there is still a stigma around coaching, leading to insecurity for CEOs who don't want to be seen as needing help or remedying any weaknesses. But we all know coaches aren't just there to fix a situation. Take elite athletes for instance; they work with a coach to hone their skills and improve their already high performance on the court, field, or golf course. Through feedback and positive reinforcement, these athletes gain confidence, master their process, and perform consistently at their best. CEO's should be no different.

In some industries, such as Technology, bringing in coaches to work with top advisors has been more common. Coaching supports the CEO in their personal development, which increases their awareness of their behaviors, and how their behaviors and mannerisms are having an effect on the people they are leading.

If you are a CEO, ready to take on your own growth and development to benefit your leadership skills, contact us now to get started.

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