How to Perform at Your Optimal Level


Your energy level affects how you perform at all times, be it when faced with having to give an important presentation at work, an interview, or even a golf game. High levels of stress can negatively impact the experience and keep you from engaging at your optimum level. Compare it to a car that needs to run on premium gasoline and is filled with regular: without the appropriate gas in the tank (i.e. positive energy), the vehicle will not perform optimally.

Energy levels are influenced by spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and environmental factors, which can easily throw you off your game. Elevating your energy level and raising awareness gives you fresh and innovative ways to deal with people in both your business and personal lives.

The SCOPE Assessment used at Rock Spring Coaching can determine your energy level, in the moment, when faced with stress. This tool measures where you stand in relation to the internal and external influences mentioned above and provides important feedback that can you help you  to gauge where you are versus where you need to be. Once armed with this information, Head Coach Dr. David Kaplowitz can then strategize with you, and provide information and techniques that will help you maximize your performance when needed most.

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